Let’s Learn Solat (Man)


Penyusun : Ramji bin Rabi

Penyunting: Dr.Mohd. Puzhi Usop

Muka Surat: 75

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This book is useful as a basic guide for English-speaking new converts to Islam, as well as young children to help them start performing Solat – the most important duty for Muslims. This book is presented with clear illustrations and simple explanations on how to make Wudu’ (Ablution) and how to perform Salat, from the begining (Takbiratul Ihram) till the end (Salam).Included in this book as well is the Wirid and Doa that are commonly recited after Salat, all complete with its English meaning. It is hoped that one can successfully perform Solat in its proper manner after reading this book.

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