Beloved Names For Muslim Children


Penulis : Abu Ezzat Al-Mubarak

Muka Surat: 125

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The names for children is very important, because it self as (do’a), whatever mother and father decidedly choose for their children with a good name. Hence encouragement that names is not Only good from the spelling, western vocabulary or combine between Arabic language (like public language of Egypt) with Qur’an. But most important is the meaning. For the example (name for child women): Lia Taniya”. Lia is mean mine, That Taiiiya (see surahTaha verse:420 is regard as belonging of slacken or careless. One question being to disputed, why we must give the best name for our children? For the answer refers to the hadith Rasulullah alaihi wa sallam the meaning: “In Resurrection Day, thou will be called with your name, give the name as the messenger, the like name to Allah is Abdullah and Abdul Rahman, the true name is Harith and Ha mean. the bad name is Harb dan Murrab (Abu Daud). For this aim, this book compiled to fulfil and make easy for parent than they can give a beautiful name for their children, this book also completed with Asmaaul Husna (the attributes of Allah), famous names of prophet Muhammad other prophet in the holy Qur’an, in the last hold “Bad names for children”.

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