Hajj, Umroh & Ziyaroh – Journey of a Lifetime


A Complete Guide of Hajj, Umrah Explained with Pictures

Author: Mufti Abdullah bin Abdur Rahman Ibrahim

Pages: 301

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Hajj means to visit the sacred House of Allah in Makkah Mukarramah during the days of hajj. This is the fifth of the religious duties of a Muslim, which is Fardh-‘Ain (incumbent upon every individual) on every adult, male and female. It has to be performed once in a lifetime.

It has been mentioned in hadith: “Persons who perform Hajj and Umrah are guests of Allah. He will grant them their wishes and any prayer that they recite will be accepted… and if they die in this way Allah will forgive all of their sins”.

Also, we read in another hadith that: “Nothing compares with the accepted Hajj and it has no reward other than heaven! A person who performs Hajj purifies himself from sins like the day that he was born”.

And this is the greatest gift, and the best honor and the highest reward.

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